General Route Questions

Who can ride the buses?

How many routes are there?

What are the bus stops?

What are the projected operating hours?

Will there be bus transportation during nights and weekends?

Are the buses on a timed schedule?

Will I be late for class if I ride the bus from one stop to the next?

How will I know which bus route to take?

How often does the transit system run?

What is the reliability of the bus schedule?

How can I track the bus by my phone or computer? What is PassioGo?

What is the cost to ride the bus?

Are the buses wheelchair accessible?

What will people do that are carrying heavy/large loads?

Will there be a storage area on the bus for large items?

Will the bus run during University holidays?

Will the buses run in severe weather?

Where should I park my vehicle?


Crimson Ride/Bus Specs

How many buses will be operated on weekdays?

Will there be bus transportation on the nights and weekends?

Are the buses sanitary?

Are the buses air-conditioned and heated?

How safe are the buses?

Where is the bus terminal located?

What kind of buses will be used for transportation?


Special Events/Charters

Will the buses run on Game days?

Will the buses operate during events on campus (theater, Moody Music, etc.)?

Can buses be used to charter groups?



Updated 8/7/23