Crimson Concierge is the campus on-demand service used to assist faculty and staff in getting to meetings without using their vehicles.  The service runs Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM except when the university is closed. 

*NOTE:  UA Transit is adhering to current UA campus Covid protocols.  ALL passengers must wear a mask to use this service. 

How do I register?

Registration is a two-step process that starts with using your myBama credentials and logging in through the Crimson Concierge app. The Crimson Concierge app is available for download through the Apple App or Google Play Store. Once that step occurs, please email to complete the second registration step.  Create your profile with your name, mobile number, and University ( email address.  A mobile number is required so you can receive text messages regarding ride status.

How do I get the App?

Download through the Apple App or Google Play Store

What is the service area

All rides must start and end within the designated campus area. Please refer to the coverage area shown below to learn more.   

How do I request a ride?

You need to ensure you are registered for the service.  Then you can request a ride through the app or by calling the dispatch office at 205-348-7433.

So, I am using Crimson Concierge and just noticed the meeting will not end on time; what do I do to alert the driver?

You cannot contact the driver.  If you are able, alert dispatch at 205-348-7433.  They can contact the driver.  As the meeting is wrapping up and you are ready to return to your office, request a ride through the app.  The driver should be there in less than 15min. to pick them up. 

How long will the driver wait for me?

The driver will wait for 5 minutes after alerting you that they have arrived at your pick-up location. 

I do not have an iPhone, Android, or a Windows smartphone.  How do I use Crimson Concierge?“]

Contact dispatch at 205-348-7433.  As opposed to a text when your driver is ready, you will receive a call.

How many people can travel in one vehicle?

Each van can transport eleven (11) passengers.

What is the minimum required time to request a ride before a meeting?

30 minutes