Crimson Concierge is the campus on-demand service used to assist faculty and staff in getting to meetings without using their vehicles.  The service runs Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM except when the university is closed. 

*NOTE:  UA Transit is adhering to current UA campus Covid protocols.  ALL passengers must wear a mask to use this service. 


How do I register?

How do I get the App?

What is the service area?

How do I request a ride?

So, I am using Crimson Concierge and just noticed the meeting will not end on time; what do I do to alert the driver?

How long will the driver wait for me?

I do not have an iPhone, Android, or a Windows smartphone. How do I use Crimson Concierge?

How many people can travel in one vehicle?

What is the minimum required time to request a ride before a meeting?