Charter Services

  • Due to a limited number of buses in the CrimsonRide fleet, charters may not always be available.
  • When buses are available, charter service is granted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Transportation Services is pleased to offer its buses for rent to departments and organizations within the university and organizations holding events on the University of Alabama campus.
  • All buses are wheelchair accessible.
  • We do not provide buses with onboard restrooms or with luggage racks.
  • We do not schedule overnight charters.
  • One UA faculty member or professional staff member must be in charge of the group. In addition, one UA faculty member or professional staff member must accompany the group on each charter bus requested and must be present at the departure location at the CrimsonRide assigned spot time.
  • Drivers are not permitted to depart a bus in order to locate any member of the chartering group’s party.
  • Chartering groups must provide CrimsonRide Transit with all appropriate and necessary directions, maps, information concerning the cost of toll fees, cost of admission fees, cost of storage or parking fees, and group/individual itineraries upon submission of the Charter Service Request Form(s). Groups chartering services to any airport to pick up passengers must include flight information for each member of the chartering group’s party.
  • For charters intended for on-campus tours, the chartering department must provide route information at the time of submitting the Charter Service Request Form (CSR Form). A guide or host is required for each bus chartered.
  • One CSR Form must be submitted for each date charter service is requested, even if the charter details are identical.
  • All charters must be booked at least 14 business days in advance of the needed date.

Charter Service Information

Any CSR Form submitted not typed, without all portions of the form filled out, without all of the above mentioned required information or without the authorized UA faculty member or professional staff member’s signature appearing on each page, will be returned and will force a delay in processing the request(s). We will not process any request without the appropriate authorization or paperwork.

CSR Forms and required paperwork can be sent to the CrimsonRide Office via e-mail or by faxing the forms with all required information to (205)348-5783. In order to confirm that our office has received all information, contact CrimsonRide Office, either via e-mail at or by calling the CrimsonRide Office at (205)348-RIDE(7433). CrimsonRide will issue confirmation via fax or e-mail. Please provide CrimsonRide with the following information when requesting charter service: Contact name, phone numbers, department, number of guests, pickup time, pickup location, additional stops, drop-off time, drop-off location, and any additional information required for charter service.

As all charter requests are approved or denied by the CrimsonRide Office, all requests are required to go through our office. Please note: simply faxing or mailing a CSR Form to our office and confirming its receipt, does not constitute approval of a request.

Charter Service Information

  • Charter Rates
    Service charges for charters are calculated at a flat rate that includes the driver, the vehicle, and fuel. The current rate is $100.00, per hour per bus, with a minimum of three hours charged for each charter. Please see “Additional Charges” section for more important information. Charters canceled on the date of services will be assessed a cancellation fee, equal to the three-hour minimum per bus. All charters are also assessed a $10.00 administrative fee. Billing for charter times begins ½ hour prior to the start time of the charter and ends ½ hour after the conclusion of the charter.
  • Additional Charges
    In addition to the hourly rate and minimum charge for chartering a bus, the chartering group is responsible for any fees incurred during the charter, including road or bridge tolls, parking or storage fees, and admission fees for the driver(s) ( any facility that charges admission for each occupant of the vehicle, including the driver). For each additional bus it is deemed necessary for the chartering group to have for use during the scheduled charter, the regular charter rate per bus will apply. Typically, vehicles are cleaned at no additional charge to the chartering group. However, if the chartering group abuses a vehicle so that it requires repair or extensive cleaning, it will be assessed an additional charge. All additional charges will appear on the invoice you receive from CrimsonRide.
  • Rules and Regulations
    The use of tobacco products, possession of open alcoholic beverages, or other drugs is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of the charter. At no time should the driver be asked, encouraged, or pressured to break a law or circumvent our policies. Also, drivers must adhere to on-duty limitations in accordance with federal regulations.
  • CrimsonRide Transit Billing Policy
    CrimsonRide only bills UA departments. If your department intends for an off-campus vendor to provide funding for charter service, it remains the responsibility of your department to provide payment to us for charter service. All invoices must be paid in full within 30 days of the CrimsonRide billing date. Failure to remit payment within 30 days, will result in a Departmental Transfer Authorization (DTA) being filed on behalf of your department and will include a $25.00 service charge. CrimsonRide reserves the right to refuse charter service to any department with an outstanding balance due for previously provided charter service.
  • Charter Service Request Form Instructions
    All CSR Forms must be typed. All portions of the CSR Forms must be filled out. The authorized UA faculty member or professional staff member’s signature must appear on CSR Forms. All CSR Forms not signed will be returned and will force a delay in processing the request(s). We will not process any request without the appropriate authorization or paperwork.