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TransLoc out, Passio Go! in for Tracking Crimson Ride

Passio Go! will replace TransLoc as the Crimson Ride tracking system starting Nov. 1.

A free download from the Google Play or App Store, Passio Go! gives bus riders access to individual routes, schedules, and stops. Riders can also set bus arrival alerts and tag favorites, saving time and reducing wait times at bus stops. In addition, alerts for route changes or delays serve to keep all riders informed.

Passio Go! is available now to track the Crimson Ride buses. TransLoc will not be operational at UA on Nov. 3.

Ride Amigos

Ride Amigos is a ride share program that allows students of the University of Alabama to connect and utilize carpool opportunities among their fellow classmates.  Once you place your origin and destination in the system you can find other people to carpool with, search for driving, biking or walking distance to your destination or see if you can catch a bus on your route.  If you review the Ride Amigos tab on our webpage you can also review training videos that help you get started.